Exquisite Craftsmanship

-Demonstration of Nanjing Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative

Venue:Rows 1-5, No.17 Nanbu Ting

Windowed walls of gray bricks and tiles divide the No.17 Nanbu Ting exhibition hall into 13 studios for artists of gourd paintings, Qinhuai lanterns, diabolo, woodcarving, cloth art, paper cutting, Chinese knot, velvet flowers, miniature engraving, clay sculpture, kesi (a technique in Chinese silk tapestry), bamboo carving, and facial makeup. Each studio combines live demonstration and static displays. Visitors can watch the wonderful performance of the inheritors at close range. At the same time, through exhibition panels, visitors can learn about the origins and art features of these crafts as well as the profiles of these artists, which will help them experience the profound folk culture of Nanjing. A “Jinling Eighteen Workshops” exhibition hall has been set up in the exhibition area to display parts of the old neighborhoods and traditional lines of business in Nanjing, which may evoke visitors’ memory about the city life in the past. Visitors can also learn about the city’s urban civilization history and feel the unmatched charm of China’s traditional handicrafts.

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