Immortal Cultural Heritage

-Nanjing Intangible Cultural Heritage Show

Venue:Rows 1-5, No.19 Nanbu Ting and Rows 1-5,

Immortal Cultural Heritage: Nanjing Intangible Cultural Heritage Show is held at No.19 Nanbu Ting and No.42 Daban Lane. Among Nanjing’s intangible cultural heritage, China Guqin Art (Jinling school), China Nanjing Yunjin Brocade Manufacturing Techniques, China Engraved Block Printing Techniques (Jinling scripture engraving printing techniques), and China Paper-cut (Nanjing paper-cut) have been listed by UNESCO in its Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and thus become world-class intangible cultural heritage. They all have their own special theme pavilions in the Nanjing Folk Museum. Also presented in the show are 90 other local intangible cultural heritage, including the exciting damadeng (a folk dance with fake horses that imitate the movements of war horses), longyingche (the parade of wooden carts made in the form of a dragon), and Nanjing exorcism dance (tiaowuchang) in Dongba town, the opera-performing fair in Xuecheng town, Jiang Pu hand lion dance, Qinhuai lanterns, Liuzuo wind and percussion ensemble, gold foil forging, gold and silver filigree workmanship, legend of tuiweilong, and so on. At the scene, visitors can learn to perform hand lion dance, pose with damadeng, beat Liuzuo drums, and inquire about intangible cultural heritage of the world. The overall space design of the exhibition is simple and lively. Innovative means are used to highlight themes, spread culture, and encourage interaction. In the Yunjin brocade exhibition area, the architectures in the style of Ming-Qing royal palaces, the life-sized replicas of looms in the center, and the exquisite brocades on the sides all demonstrate the nobility of the Nanjing Yunjin brocade. In the Jinling scripture engraving exhibition area, supplemented with the engraving plates and scripture books on the antique-and-curio shelves, the exhibition panels in the center highlight the artistic effect of Jinling scripture engraving. In a separate space, there is on-site demonstration of the craftsmanship. In the paper-cut exhibition area, abstract modeling and interesting graphics are used to express the theme of good luck and happiness. Here, visitors can try hands on paper-cutting themselves. In the Guqin exhibition area, with a simple and lively style and through Guqin shows, paintings of primitive simplicity, works of art, multimedia videos, and other exhibition means, the exhibition demonstrates Guqin players’ unique humanistic quality and cultural taste. In the Kun Opera exhibition area, the exhibition displays the relationship between Kun Opera and Jinling, as well as the various schools, representatives, works, and charm of the Kun Opera.

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