Chinese Cheongsam

Venue:Chinese Cheongsam Exhibition Hall in the

She, Chinese cheongsam, is restrained yet assertive, graceful yet dynamic. She is the representative of clothes worn by traditional Chinese women, and is also the most stylish Chinese symbol. She has experienced the delicacy and luxury of imperial cities 300 years ago, and the extravagant and voluptuous life in former Shanghai concessions in modern times. She has survived the turmoil of war, and remains fashionable in the cultural globalization context of today. During the Republic of China period, the capital Nanjing was not as much of a fashion trend setter as Shanghai. But the government officials and young ladies living in the mansion district along Yihe Road and Ninghai Road of Nanjing, which was China’s political, economic, and cultural center at that time, were also fashion followers due to their social activity needs. Chinese cheongsam had caught the fancy of most Chinese women then. Nanjing cheongsam, fashionable but not flamboyant, modern but not gaudy, reflects the character of this ancient capital city, which is simple and prudent. The charming women in cheongsam added a touch of prosperity and romance to Nanjing in the period of the Republic of China.

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