Loving Forever with Many Children

-Nanjing Child Rearing and Marriage Customs Exhibition

Venue:West Yard, No.15 Nanbu Ting

Nanjing folk culture has a long history. The old child-rearing customs in Nanjing mainly include child-rearing etiquette--expediting child delivery, childbirth, announcing good news, xisan (on the third day after a baby is born, a bathing ceremony will be held), manyue (a baby’s completion of its first month of life), bairi (the rite held on the hundredth day after one’s birth), zhuazhou (grabbing test on the occasion of a baby’s first birthday), and puberty rite; child-rearing experience (or child-rearing practices); and child-rearing toys (or child-rearing games). The old marriage customs in Nanjing mainly include matchmaking, divining, engagement card delivering, date setting, delivering gifts, reciprocating gifts, readying the wedding room and bed, bride fetching, striding over a makeshift saddle, stepping on rice sacks, bowing to Heaven and Earth, to parents, and to each other, sitting on wedding bed and drinking wedlock wine, and teasing the newlyweds. Scene restoration and models are used to vividly demonstrate the child-rearing and marriage customs in Nanjing. Interactive programs, such as zhuazhou and measuring body weight at the beginning of summer, are designed for visitors. There are also traditional toys, games, and bridal sedan chairs. Through the exhibition, visitors can feel the loving and caring child-rearing customs and the romantic marriage customs in Nanjing. In an open, carefree, and interesting atmosphere, visitors get to appreciate the ritual objects, learn about the ritual process, and experience the ritual fun.

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